Shed Light can design, develop and author your entire program as an interactive program that will be extremely visual. A program that will grab and hold the viewer's interest, using professional audio, video, graphics and animation. It will be easy to navigate, and will be educational as well as entertaining.
customized courses or upgrade existing content

High quality design and content ready to use in your LMS or online application.


Shed Light will design and build e-learning courses that will meet
the requirements of your online training system.  We strive to
create the most cost effective program that results in outstanding
performance in the workplace and maximum benefits to the

Examples of  e-learning applications:
  • Convert PowerPoint to an e-learning course
  • Product demonstrations ( video mixed with e-learning )
  • Upgrade existing programs
  • Interactive customer service programs
  • Electronic manuals
  • Company overview





Whatever your need

Whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation that needs to go mobile, an existing program that needs updating
or a completely customized program, get in touch - we'd love to help.